A Universal Banking Vision

Our banking vision is one where financial services, business
and technology combine with a higher purpose to create and
deliver cutting edge financial solutions that empower people
socially and economically and bring about a better world.

Learn how our banking services can help you realise your vision.

People, Planet & Profit - the triple bottom line

tab-triplepThere is increasing acceptance that a new and ethical
banking business model which respects the interest 
of all stakeholders in our societies and our planet, is
needed if we are to survive and progress as a species.

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Mobile & Internet payments with global money, loyalty and reputation currencies.

Our solution offers secure & convenient mobile & Internet payment services that work with any and all phones in the world, enable "card present security" e-commerce without the use of credit cards for payments,  and which directly pay a percentage of all transactions to approved charities.

Learn how our mobile banking solution enables you to pay money and complementary currencies to any phone number in the world.


An Empowering Business Ecosystem

The People's Bank is part of an integrated business ecosystem
called The People's Business that reaches across multiple sectors.

Designed around Abraham Maslow's Heirarchy of Human Needs,
The People's Business is an inclusive business system that incorporates an integrated portoflio of social media, collaboration, communications, business productivity and payment solutions. The portfolio is also available pre-loaded in a range of Tablet PCs fitted with the latest stylus and screen technology.

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Card Present Security & Mobile Social eCommerce

Our eCommerce payment solution enables customers to pay securely
online with their mobile phones with card-present authentication and security. Integrated with The People's Shop Social Commerce platform,
the combination provides merchants with new, secure channels to market, affiliates with an increasing number of opportunities, and customers with   an expanding choice of products and services they can buy with their mobile phone on the Internet or in retail shops.

Learn how The People's Bank eCommerce payment service and or
our e-commerce platform enables you to immediately benefit.


Conscious Evolution

Many things point to this moment in history as a time of major human transformation. Humankind is on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness, to a better way of thinking and being. Our challenges can be seen as evolutionary drivers lifting us to higher states of consciousness and powering innovation that contributes to the betterment of Humanity and our life on planet Earth. Our platform is alligned with this knowledge and is designed to contribute to our collective conscious evolution.


Social Development

Social development, the process of organizing human energies and activities at higher levels to achieve greater results, is our collective destiny. Enabling social development skills increases the use and application of human potential, helping people to find success in their personal and professional lives. Our platform is designed with an underlying purpose of enabling social interactions with like minded people that lead to collective social development, enriched communities and fulfilled lives.


Economic Empowerment

The traditional single bottom line business model of profit at all costs has brought on a moral decline and global financial crisis that have destroyed lives, jeopordised our future and harmed our planet. An inclusive triple bottom line business model for people, planet and profit will balance the global financial economy while supporting social economies and Earth's natural economy. Our platform enables sustainable economic empowerment that helps people to grow businesses while contributing to our world.